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SharkSkin Design research's all aspects of the market place. From different displays and retail trends to what companies are doing in different categories.

SharkSkin Design in the Latest Creative Magazine

patrick douglas - Tuesday, February 23, 2016

SharkSkin Design Inc. is in the news again,  A promotion audit done by Creative Magazine showcases one of the display we did for our customer Rivertowne Brewing.  Check it out page 18 of the digital edition and print edition. SharkSkin Design Promotion Audit

Chix Gear Trade Show/Retail displays

patrick douglas - Monday, February 22, 2016

Chix Gear approached sharkskin design to develop a trade show floor layout to help them attract attention in their booth, as well be the vehicles they use to expand into retail locations outside of the tradeshow venue.

Below are some photos of that layout and display we designed that will help them stand out as they do trades shows as well move into retail locations.

We designed a large back wall that was versatile in the ability to hold shelved product, as well with the addition of a grid wall hang product on hooks and water fall pegs.  We added large full length back graphics behind the system to further attract attention.  With the fun energetic products that are on display they wanted a fun energetic look to go with it.  I think we accomplished this for them.

Along with the large back wall, we also designed free standing displays that they can use to show off their products both in a tradeshow setting, as well utilize these same designs in retail locations.  Further extending their brand.  Maintaining that same look and feel people see at the race track.

This gives new meaning to race on Sunday sell on Monday.

Congratulations Chix Gear, this was a fun project, we look forward to working with you as you further expand into more retail locations.  We are honored that you chose to work with us on this program that is such a large part of your business.

Big Heart Pet Brands display roll out

patrick douglas - Monday, February 22, 2016

SharkSkin Design has been working hard this past year on some great looking programs for our customers. 

Early last year we were approached by Big Heart Pet Brands(BHPB) to help them with a display program that they would be rolling out to locations in Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala, Bermuda, Hong Kong, the Bahamas, Jordan and the Philippines. 

 The display program needed to be versatile to hold both Friskies products as Kibbles and Bits products.  SharkSkin Deign developed a great looking 2-sided display that offered a great amount of merchandising space for all kinds of product for both lines as well to swap out art as needed for different promotions as well as for the two brands.  Pictured below is what our designers came up with that was rolled out for BHPB.  We developed a display that was able to hold up to the heavy weight of dog and cat food while maintaining and attractive attention grabbing look.  It was a great success for both Big Heart Pet Brands and ourselves.  It was our pleasure to work with BHPB and we look forward to working with them further developing great looking display for them in the future.

Rare Earth Naturals Display Program

patrick douglas - Monday, February 22, 2016

Our culture here at SharkSkin Design allows us to look into different areas of the retail environment to see where we can find interesting new customers with unique products that will allow us to develop creative design solutions for them to help expand their retail foot print and generate more sales.

Rare Earth Naturals was one of those customers.  They have a great product line, with many benefits for the consumers, when you get a chance check them out ( 

We were tasked with taking a blocky, limited, expensive display and turn it into a versatile display that they could use to expand into multiple retail locations.  We designed the following display.  It comes in 3 versions, single shelf, 2-shelf and with the additional 3rd tier and 3-shelf version.  With samples on the front and back stock behind. 

Some of the unique aspects of the display are side brochure pockets on both left and right of the display.  Each tier has sample locations on the front of each shelf.  In the pocket there is a metal insert and the bottom of each bottle there is a small disc magnet.   This helps keep the samples in place when not in use but helps maintain a nice clean presentation.  With the display shipping in 3 versions it was critical that we kept cost in check.  The displays ships as a 2 tier version, with a 3rd tier add-on that works as a single shelf on its own.  This gives Rare Earth Naturals the flexibility to merchandise at each retail location based on their needs.

We are proud to be part of helping build a better retail program form Rare Earth Naturals.  We wish the all the success with this new program and look to help them further with new programs for their other lines of product.

Epic Custom POP Display rollout

patrick douglas - Thursday, September 17, 2015

Last month SharkSkin Design rolled out another custom Point-Of-Purchase display for one of customers. 

Epic contacted Sharkskin Design looking for a new display program to use to better promote their product line at all kinds of retail locations.

For this unique line of protein bars and trail snacks SharkSkin Design developed a custom display that kept cost in check while giving a very high level of fit and in finish.  We began by developing a MDF wood structure with options for both wire shelves or wire peg hooks or both.  This allowed our customer to customize the product offerings for each retailer without having different displays.  This further reinforced the family of products they offered while keeping a consistent message from one location to the next.  With the base display down, we added laser cut branding on the sides, giving the display a higher quality look and feel.  These letters were applied over a black vinyl based to help the letters pop just that much more.  The header is removable allowing the customer to change out the branded message any time during the life of the display.  With all that our customer is now able to have a display the represents their brand and reinforces the positive attributes of their line and health benefits.

Good luck Epic, we are proud to be a part of your continued success and look forward to helping you build your brand identity through great looking customer POP displays like this.

For those who are looking to do the same with their brand please give is a call, we look forward to working with you and showing you what we can do for you and your brand.

Custom Retail Display for Epic

Custom Retail displays for Bauerfeind USA

patrick douglas - Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Month of June was one of the best for SharkSkin Design. 

We rolled out a number of really nice display programs for our customers. 


One of those displays was for one a long time customer of ours, Bauerfeind USA.    They produce a great line of products focusing on supporting many of the joints in an athlete’s body; from knees and ankles, to back and shoulders.  SharkSkin Design is proud to be their source for cost effective custom creative POP displays.  These displays are now being used to help increase awareness of their line of products and help drive sales in this category.  We look forward to supporting them in the future on upcoming display programs.  Good luck Bauerfeind, we are happy to be a part of your success now and in the future.



Bauerfeind USA display





Creative Magazine Promotion Audit

patrick douglas - Monday, June 22, 2015


At SharkSkin Design we work hard to get our customers products seen at the retail level.  It is always nice to get recognized for it.  Check out the June 2015 issues of Creative Magazine Page 12 for our Promotion Audit.  Nice display that draws attention at Walgreens for one of our customers Derma E Natural Skincare.

New Material Process available at SharkSkin Design

patrick douglas - Thursday, May 28, 2015


SharkSkin Design has added Powder coated MDF to its long line of materials and process available in our development of new custom POP display programs for our customers.  



If you are looking for a new fresh look for your next POP program, give SharkSkin Design a call,  with our vast materials and processes available to our designers and engineers we are confident we can develop a display program that will fit your budget.  Give us a call,

New projects coming for SharkSkin Design

patrick douglas - Thursday, April 30, 2015

Some really nice displays are coming out of sharkskin Design in the next few weeks.  check back for updates on what will be rolling.  Thank you to our valued clients and their choosing SharkSkin design to Design, Engineer and Manufacture their displays for their coming marketing programs.


My RiverTowne Brewery Custom POP Display

patrick douglas - Thursday, April 30, 2015


The next time you are in  Export, PA area and you are in need of a refreshing Brew, check out Rivertowne Brewing.

They have a really unique line of beers that will refresh any ones taste buds.  If you can’t make it to the brewery, look for the Display that SharkSkin Design developed for them for distribution at local Liquor stores.  One of our displays should be at many locations throughout Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and West Virginia.  Check out this simple cost effective metal display with changeable side graphics, headers, and Id Channels.  A great display for a great brand, Check Rivertowne and the display they choose to extend their brand.






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