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SharkSkin Design research's all aspects of the market place. From different displays and retail trends to what companies are doing in different categories.

Divino Wholesale Wine Rack

patrick douglas - Wednesday, June 08, 2016

SharkSkin Design is excited to see more of our work out in the retail environment.


We were recently contacted by Divnio Wholesale to help develop a custom display for a new line of wines coming to the US from Italy.


They were looking for something that would catch the eye of the customer, while expressing the look and feel of Italian wine country.


SharkSkin Design developed a display that displayed these wines as they should be.  With a custom angled displayer area at the top for each brand.  Below that a pocket for each brand to have 11 bottles in reserve.  then a custom overhead pergola design with scenes from the Italian wine country behind.  Large side graphics will advertise and showcase the different selections of wines throughout the year.


This was a fun program to work on with a mix of Wood, Metal and graphics this display definitely grabs your attention and still lends itself to giving an Italian wine country feel.


Rare Earth Naturals Display Program

patrick douglas - Monday, February 22, 2016

Our culture here at SharkSkin Design allows us to look into different areas of the retail environment to see where we can find interesting new customers with unique products that will allow us to develop creative design solutions for them to help expand their retail foot print and generate more sales.

Rare Earth Naturals was one of those customers.  They have a great product line, with many benefits for the consumers, when you get a chance check them out ( 

We were tasked with taking a blocky, limited, expensive display and turn it into a versatile display that they could use to expand into multiple retail locations.  We designed the following display.  It comes in 3 versions, single shelf, 2-shelf and with the additional 3rd tier and 3-shelf version.  With samples on the front and back stock behind. 

Some of the unique aspects of the display are side brochure pockets on both left and right of the display.  Each tier has sample locations on the front of each shelf.  In the pocket there is a metal insert and the bottom of each bottle there is a small disc magnet.   This helps keep the samples in place when not in use but helps maintain a nice clean presentation.  With the display shipping in 3 versions it was critical that we kept cost in check.  The displays ships as a 2 tier version, with a 3rd tier add-on that works as a single shelf on its own.  This gives Rare Earth Naturals the flexibility to merchandise at each retail location based on their needs.

We are proud to be part of helping build a better retail program form Rare Earth Naturals.  We wish the all the success with this new program and look to help them further with new programs for their other lines of product.

Reebok Shoes and their new focus

patrick douglas - Monday, March 09, 2015


Reebok shoes and what they need to do and what they are doing to separate themselves from the competition.




Thought this was a great article on how Reebok started out in the shoe industry, how they were the company to beat for the longest time then lost focus and how they are now working to reestablish themselves in the market place and make themselves relevant again in the industry.  If you have 10-15 min, it is a great read,  especially like the end video about how the Reebok pump shoe was invented.

SharkSkin Design Displays in Ulta Stores

patrick douglas - Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Check out some new displays by SharkSkin Design in Ulta Stores for Derma E Natural Skincare 



Derma E Displays by SharkSkin Design in Ulta Stores now





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