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With over 25 years of experience, we have designed for all types of products, brands, and retail markets. From large to small our customers are important to us and we take pride in every project we take on. From the smallest countertop display to the largest interactive sales floor environment. Every project starts the same way, with a conversation and a sketch. It truly is the adage that you get out what you put into it. And that holds true with retail display design. Knowing all the details and needs upfront and discussing them with the team directly that will be turning them into your silent sales rep on the retail floor is crucial. Take a look at some of our work below,  you will find well thought out examples of retail displays that have provided our customers with excellent options to help build their brand and increase sales at the retail level.

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Every project is unique in its requirements.  From the specific retail chain, to the type of chain, to how long it needs to last on the retail floor.  Because of that we can design and manufacture with all kinds of materials.  From Wood, Metal, Plastic, and Corrugate we have you covered. With a large array of materials and processes available to us, we can provide our customers with display programs that fit some of the tightest of budgets and still maintain the highest level of quality and design. Many times combining materials to achieve a cost-effective look that others can't provide.

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At SharkSkin Design our approach to each and every project is a bit different than most POP companies out there. Instead of a Sales team, A development team, a Project management team, and so on.  We have just one team, a team of designers/engineers dedicated to getting you the display program you envision from the start.  Your point of contact will always be the same person who is designing, engineering, and managing the progress for you.    What does this mean for you? It means you only need to tell us once what you are looking for, your ideas and needs are conveyed directly to the people who need to know what needs to be accomplished.  Not filtered through people and departments that have no direct impact on the project.  If you are looking for a company that values you and your brand's success over anything else. A company that prides itself on its ability to communicate one on one to more effectively accomplish your goals. And has the expertise and experience to provide you with solutions for even the most challenging situations. Give us a call we are ready for your next challenge. 

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